Replacement Policy

When a consumer encounters quality issues with a purchased product, they can apply for a replacement product from the seller according to this policy. The conditions and rules for replacement may vary depending on the product type and the seller’s policy. The buyer and seller can discuss and agree on a solution.”

Return & Refund Policy

Return, Refund, and Cancellation Policy  is applicable to purchases made through the website.

This Policy pertains to purchases made through the website. Tradedubai retains the right to modify this Policy periodically. Any alterations to this Policy will be published on this page and will be effective as soon as they are posted. It is incumbent upon you to review the Policy regularly to remain informed of any changes. By accessing the Tradedubai Platform and availing of its services, you consent to being bound by this Policy and any future revisions. Please ensure that you read and comprehend any related terms mentioned in the Policy.

Orders Sold by

This segment of the Policy pertains to purchases made through Tradedubai that are directly sold by Tradedubai(“Sold by Tradedubai”), where Tradedubai serves as the primary Seller of the Products. (Return and refund terms for products sold by marketplace sellers, that is, those not affiliated with Tradedubai, are detailed below.) If the Seller is Tradedubai, the Buyer may only request a refund (Refund Request) under the following conditions:

★The goods are faulty, damaged, or do not conform to their description as indicated on the Tradedubai Platform (provided that the Buyer has notified Tradedubai in compliance with the subsequent sections), or

★If Tradedubai is incapable of fulfilling the order or replacing the goods with identical or comparable goods that satisfy the Buyer, or

★If there is no other supplier available to deliver similar goods that meet the satisfaction of the Buyer.

The Buyer must submit a Refund Request in writing in accordance with the provisions specified below.

Unless otherwise specified in the subsequent sections, or explicitly agreed upon in writing between the Buyer and Tradedubai, the following are valid reasons for returning a product or requesting a refund for said product:

The product or its packaging is faulty, defective, damaged, or does not correspond with the advertisement/description.

The product does not match the description or specifications advertised by the Seller.

The product or order specifications do not meet the advertised requirements or specifications.

The product is not shipped in accordance with the agreed-upon shipping method or address.

The products are counterfeit or fake.

The products are expired or nearing their expiry date (excluding perishable products).

The delivery of the product is delayed without prior notice or a justified reason (e.g., force majeure).

When the product ordered from Tradedubai is out of stock or becomes unavailable due to Tradedubai’s suppliers.

An increase in the product’s price during the fulfillment process (if the seller did not update or change the price after the order was placed).

Return Period

If a product is eligible for return, and subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy:

The product must be inspected upon receipt. If the buyer wishes to return the product, they must return it to the seller and notify the seller. If no notice is received within the specified time frame, the buyer will be deemed to have accepted the product without objection.

Packing and Sending Returns

If you need to return a product for a refund, it’s important to pack the item carefully and include all original packaging and materials (such as instruction manuals and accessories) in their original condition. If the product has been clearly used, marked, tampered with, or damaged before being returned as new, Tradedubai. may refuse to issue a refund.

Return Shipping Fees

If the transaction occurred within the UAE, the Buyer will not be charged for shipping as Tradedubai. or the appropriate 3rd party marketplace Seller will be responsible for the collection and return process.

If the transaction occurred outside the UAE, the Seller will handle the collection and delivery process, and the shipping costs will be determined based on the applicable INCOTERMS used for the initial order of the returned product.

Please note that Tradedubai. will not cover the costs of any documentation required for the return of the product.

You will be informed of the collection process, timing, and costs after your return and refund request has been approved.

How the refund will be received?

 The refund will be issued to the same payment method used during the purchase, net of any applicable deductions, within 7 to 14 working days from the approval of the refund, if the seller is Tradedubai.

PLEASE NOTE: While most Marketplace Sellers adopt Tradedubai’s Policy, some have their own return and refund policy. Please make sure to review your Seller’s returns and refund policy, if and where applicable.