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Jall Ironing Board White

55.00 AED
Min (12 piece)

Welcome to our Electric Appliance Products category, where innovation meets everyday convenience to power up your living spaces. Explore a comprehensive selection of high-quality appliances designed to cater to every aspect of your life, from personal care to kitchen efficiency, larger household needs, and environmental well-being.

Wholesale Personal Appliances:
Enhance your daily routine with our range of personal appliances. Discover grooming perfection with our Sleek Style hairdryers and Precision Trim trimmers. Achieve flawless looks with our hair straighteners & curling irons, and stay well-groomed with our Shaver & Trimmer. Our collection also includes Personal Chill fans and Toasty Wrap heating pads, providing personalized comfort tailored to your preferences.

Wholesale Kitchen Appliances:
Elevate your culinary prowess with our cutting-edge kitchen appliances. From the versatile Rice Cooker, Electric Kettle, Air-fryer, Juicer & Mixer to the efficient Microwave & OTG Oven, Coffee Maker, and Electric Food Steamer, our kitchen range is designed to make cooking and dining experiences seamless and enjoyable.

Wholesale Household Appliances:
Streamline your daily tasks with our household appliances. Experience the efficiency of the Hair Dryer and Iron Machine, ensuring your garments and grooming are always on point.

Wholesale Large Appliances:
Meet the demands of modern living with our selection of large appliances. Transform your entertainment space with our Television – TV. Keep your food fresh with our Refrigerator and simplify laundry day with our Washing Machine. Enhance your kitchen with the Dishwasher, Range Hood Set, Gas Range, and Water Heater.

Wholesale Environmental Electrical:
Promote a healthier environment with our range of environmental electrical appliances. Ensure the purity of your water with our Water Purifier, and breathe in clean air with our Air Purifier and Humidifier. Stay comfortable in any weather with our Air Conditioner, Electric Fan, and enjoy refreshing hydration with our Water Dispenser.

Discover the perfect blend of innovation and practicality in our Electric Appliance Products category. From personal care to kitchen mastery, household efficiency, and environmental well-being, our curated selection provides solutions that seamlessly integrate into your daily life, enhancing the comfort and functionality of your living spaces.