BYD SONG PRO DM-i Electric Car is equipped with BYD Super DM Technology


Fuel Types: PHEV

Battery Capacity(kWh): 12.9/18.3

Driving Range(km): 59/85

0-100km/h Acceleration Time(s): 8.3/7.9

Top Speed(km/h): 170

Drive Type: FWD

Color: Customized

Vehicle Dimensions(mm): 4738x1860x1710


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SONG PRO DM-i CHAMPION is equipped with BYD Super DM Technology, which is based on the Xiaoyun Plug-in Hybrid 1.5L engine, EHS electric hybrid system and BYD Blade Battery(LFP). At the same time, the thermal efficiency of the engine reaches 43.04%. SONG PRO DM-i CHAMPION is characterized as “fast”, “economical”, “quiet”, “smooth” and “eco-friendly”, which is completely superior to a fuel SUV.


  • Fast – acceleration 0-100 km/h in 8.1 s. Acceleration performance is comparable to the 2.0T engine. In addition, SONG PRO DM-i CHAMPION supports fast charging, and it only takes 30 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%. Acceleration, charging – everything is one step faster, so that life and work are one step ahead.


  • Economical – SONG PRO DM-i CHAMPION has an ultra-low NEDC fuel consumption of 4.4 liters, which is only half of the fuel consumption of fuel SUVs in the same class, thanks to which the SONG PRO DM-i CHAMPION has a combined range of up to 1090 km (NEDC ) on a full tank of fuel and a full charge, which is currently not available for pure electric cars and even fuel SUVs.


  • Quiet – As a high-quality five-seater SUV, SONG PRO DM-i CHAMPION is equipped with double-layer acoustic glass, which improves the acoustic quality while driving and creates a quiet environment with excellent noise reduction performance.


  • Smooth – The EHS electric hybrid system delivers smoothness and comfort. BYD Super DM’s electric-based technology architecture truly realizes greater use of electricity and less but efficient use of gasoline. In daily driving, the SONG PRO DM-i CHAMPION is mostly driven by an electric motor and the driving experience is close to that of an electric vehicle.


  • Eco-friendly – All BYD hybrid models are equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery, which is more environmentally friendly and efficient than a traditional lead-acid battery and has the same service life as the entire vehicle, so there is no additional cost for battery replacement.



The design of the SONG PRO DM-i CHAMPION is iteratively sublimated based on the design language of the BYD dynasty: dynamic and multi-layered lines form thoughtful body proportions and a strict stance, while the “dragon whiskers” and taillights running throughout the car make it more youthful and sporty.
Mountain blue, inspired by oriental aesthetics, reflects distant mountains and imparts a natural beauty, allowing the SONG PRO DM-i CHAMPION to blend harmoniously into the landscape on the road.
Dragon-faced front end: The front bumper uses cascading air diffusers on both sides for an extremely sporty and energetic appearance. The dragon’s whisker design flows naturally with the headlights, making the front end more stylish.

The hexagonal dragon scale grille is visually striking and sporty.

The LED headlights are inspired by the dragon’s eyes, which seem to emit a dazzling light like a beam of energy.
The dynamic floating dragon design extends from the dragon’s whiskers to the rear, giving the appearance a smooth and powerful silhouette.
19-inch double five-blade 110KM version flagship aluminum alloy wheels, with exquisite carving and characteristic layers of dynamics, conveying a sharper feeling of grip.
The wide rear of the SONG PRO DM-i CHAMPION features integrated LED taillights that extend horizontally, achieving a balance of power and elegance.
Integrated LED tail lights with exquisite details show strong three-dimensional effect and technology, becoming the finishing touch of the entire car.


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